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Capintec CE Credits

Understanding and operating new technology always presents a challenge to department managers and technologists required to demonstrate competency in the operation of new equipment.  To assist in this educational process, Capintec has designed comprehensive PowerPoint presentations for the CRC dose calibrator family that explains operation, defines new terminology and lists important quality control procedures as well common errors to expedite the technologist’s knowledge base and ability to successfully operate a new dose calibrator.  As an additional benefit, these educational programs have been approved for valuable VOICE credit by the Society of Nuclear Medicine and are available to any direct-purchase customer that successfully completes the required post-test assessment for these programs. 

Earn valuable educational credits while learning important facts about probe, well and dose calibrator technology-

Upon completion of a 60 minute educational program, participants will be able to:

  1. Define radiation detection as it pertains to probe, well or dose calibrator technology
  2. Describe system capabilities
  3. List system set-up quality control procedures
  • reference sources
  • efficiency measurements
  • daily/quarterly quality control procedures
  1. Compare accuracy and precision requirements for successfully performing available laboratory procedures
  • Standard solutions and aliquots
  • Schilling test
  • I-125 blood and plasma volume
  • Cr-51 blood volume
  • Cr-51 red cell survival

NOTE:   CE credit is based on viewing a 60 minute Powerpoint document and the successful completion and submission of the post-test questions.

An 80% pass rate is required.

Candidates successfully completing the post-test exam will receive a CE Certificate by return mail and if members of the SNM will have 1.0 CE credits (dose calibrator program) posted to their VOICE transcript.


These programs have has been approved for Voice Credit by the Society of Nuclear Medicine

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