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Xenon Systems

Eliminate the need for a hanger hook

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This self contained system includes, at no additional cost, a dust filtering cartridge prefilled with SODA-LIME. The large collection bag assures patient comfort throughout the study. The new style bag hangs directly on an IV pole, eliminating the need for a hanger hook.

Item Numbers
0640-0133 Xenon Administration System with 1030- Qty 10 per Package
0640-0137 Xenon Administration System with 5071- Qty 10 per Package
0640-0138 Direct Dose Xenon Administration System with 5081- Qty 10 per Package
0640-0139 XenoVAP™ Administration System, Adult- Qty 1 per Package
0640-0008 XenoVAP™ Adminstration System, Infant Size- Qty 1 per Package

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