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Vari-Weight Apron

Significantly reduces whole-body dose in nuclear medicine

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Even when working with unit dose, the exposure to the nuclear medicine technologist can be significant. This is especially true when it is necessary to remain at the patients side during a procedure. The whole-body dose can be significantly reduced by using this easy to wear protective apron. Extensive weight redistribution is obtained by snugly drawing the 2 Velcro flaps across the lower back, and by firmly fastening them above the hips. These attractive, light-weight aprons are also available with hand- painted or embroidery designs. Ask for a listing of the many different designs available. Lead vinyl features a .5 mm lead attenuation.

Item Numbers
0680-0012 Vari-Weight Apron, .25 mm, .5 mm, 1.0 mm
0680-0013 Thyroid Collar (Removable)

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