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Sectional Phantoms

Anthropomorphic Body Sections With Applications Throughout The Field of Radiography

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Sectional phantoms, with the anatomic and radiofidelity of PIXY, are used widely in teaching/training, with many other applications. They represent an average male 5 ft. 9 in. tall (175cm) with a weight of 162 lbs (74kg). They are rugged, easily transported and shatter-proof.

Sectional phantoms do not replace simple geometric phantoms that are used to evaluate individual characteristics of an imaging system. They provide comprehensive evaluation of the imaging system and imaging techniques under realistic conditions. Typical applications are the same as PIXY.

Item Numbers
Opaque Transparent Organs
0695-0006 0695-0007 Head with Complete Cervical Spine
0695-0008 0695-0009 Head without Cervical Spine
0695-0010 0695-0011 Head w/o Cervical Spine + a 5 Stepwedge
and Test Pattern
0695-0012 0695-0013 Thorax
0695-0014 0695-0015 Pelvis
0695-0016 0695-0017 Hand/Wrist; natural position
0695-0018 0695-0019 Hand/Wrist; oblique position
0695-0020 0695-0021 Foot/Ankle; natural position
0695-0022 0695-0023 Foot/Ankle; oblique position
0695-0024 0695-0025 Knee; natural position
0695-0026 0695-0027 Knee (90 flexion)
0695-0028 0695-0029 Elbow; natural position
0695-0031 0695-0030 Elbow; 90 flexion
0695-0032 0695-0033 Complete Arm/Shoulder; natural position
0695-0034 0695-0035 Complete Leg/Hip; natural position

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