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Rod Sources

For calibrating well type NaI detectors

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Capintec offers a wide variety of *Rod Sources for well counters to satisfy the needs of your department. These sources are used for calibrating well type NaI detectors. They are constructed of high- strength plastic to withstand the rigors of constant use in a busy department. They have a flat base which allows easy positioning in the vertical position required for consistent accuracy (in the counting of) many tests.

Capintec Rod Sources are calibrated as NIST traceable with an accuracy of ± 5% at the 99% confidence level. Each source consists of a lucite rod measuring 12.7 mm (0.5″) x 75 mm (2.95″) as a standard size. The active diameter of the rod source is 0.187″ (4.75 mm).

Item Numbers
ROD SOURCES 12.7mm (0.5″) X 127mm (5″) NOMINAL CALIBRATION +/-15%
0975-152R Eu-152- (0.5 µCi Rod)
0975-137R Cs-137- (0.5 µCi Rod)
ROD SOURCES 12.7mm (0.5″) X 127mm (5″) NIST TRACEABLE +/-5%
0975-138S Ba-133 3700 Bq- (0.1 µCi) Rod
0975-138T Ba-133 0.370 MBq- (10 µCi) Rod
0975-146S Cd-109 0.037 MBq- (1 µCi) Rod
0975-146T Cd-109 0.370 MBq- (7-10 µCi) Rod
0975-139S Cs-137 3700 Bq- (0.1 µCi) Rod
0975-139R Cs-137 0.037 MBq- (1 µCi) Rod
0975-139T Cs-137 0.370 MBq- (10 µCi) Rod
0975-137S Co-57 3700 Bq- (0.1 µCi) Rod
0975-0025 Co-57 37 kBq- (1.0 µCi) Rod
0975-137T Co-57 0.370 MBq- (10 µCi) Rod
0975-142S Co-60 3700 Bq- (0.1 µCi) Rod
0975-142R Co-60 0.037 MBq- (1 µCi) Rod
0975-142T Co-60 0.370 MBq- (7-10 µCi) Rod
0975-135S I-129 3700 Bq- (0.1 µCi) Rod
0975-140S Mn-54 3700 Bq- (0.1 µCi) Rod
0975-140T Mn-54 0.370 MBq- (10 µCi) Rod
0975-0026 Mn-54 37 kBq – (1.0 µCi) Rod
0975-141S Na-22 3700 Bq- (0.1 µCi) Rod
0975-141T Na-22 0.320 MBq- (7-10 µCi) Rod
0975-0027 Na-22 37 kBq- (1.0 µCi) Rod
0975-100S Rod Set: Co-57, Na-22, Cs-137, Mn-54 Co-60, Ba-133 (0.1 µCi),
Cd-109 (1 µCi) Rods
0975-100T Rod Set: Co-57, Na-22, Cs-137, Mn-54 Co-60, Ba-133 (.1 µCi),
Cd-109 (7-10 µCi) Rods

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