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Reference Standards

Guaranteed Accuracy, Highest Quality Lowest Cost in Industry

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Each “E”-vial reference source comes with a certificate of radio-activity calibration that guarantees accuracy within 5%. The critical nature of NRC and agreement state regulations for dose calibrator QC demand the most accurate reference sources available.

Reference sources can be purchased individually, or in cost-effective sets of three or four. Sets come in various combinations of radionuclide sources to fit your needs. An 18 month day to day decay calender is available to eliminate calculations.

If you need a reference source with an activity not listed in this catalog, Capintec can meet your special request promptly. Capintec will arrange for disposal of original source with purchase of replacement source.

Item Numbers
0975-0006 Co-57 vial- 5 mCi
0975-5710 Co-57 vial- 10 mCi
0975-0002 Cs-137 vial- 100 µCi
0975-3720 Cs-137 vial- 200 µCi
0975-3725 Cs-137 vial- 250 µCi
0975-0003 Ba-133 vial- 250 µCi
0975-0008 Reference Source Set- Co-57 (5 mCi), Co-60 (100 µCi),
Cs-137 (200 µCi), Ba-133 (250 µCi)
0975-0010 Reference Source Set- Co-57 (5 mCi), Cs-137 (200 µCi),
Ba-133 (250 µCi)

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  • High-quality sources
  • Lowest cost (available)
  • Guaranteed accuracy within 5%
  • Ensures that your dose calibrator meets NRC/Agreement State QC requirements
  • Daily 18-month decay calendar
  • Purchase individually or in sets
  • Return policy eliminates expense of disposal

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