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Mirion RDS-31S Survey Meter with Pancake Probe GMP-25


The RDS-31 meter, together with GMP-25 pancake Gamma Probe, is a versatile radiation detector and survey meter Used for measuring alpha, beta, gamma, and X-ray radiation.

Mirion RDS-31 Survey Meter

The RDS-31 Multi-purpose Survey Meter continues the line of Mirion survey meters offering modern design and approach to radiation monitoring.

RDS-31 Multi-purpose Survey Meter is a small handheld, battery operated survey instrument using an energy compensated GM-tube as primary detector. Due to its versatile functions and durability it is suited for a wide range of applications in civil defense, industrial and laboratory use etc. The RDS-31 meter features excellent ergonomics; light weight and easy handling, with visual and audible alarms and internal vibrator. The large graphic display with Energy Save Backlight is well visible even in sunny conditions due to the illumination control. To extend the capabilities of the instrument, external probes from GMP-12/GMP-25/GMP-11-3 series, and CSP™ probes SAB-100, SABG-100, SG-1/2R, SX-2R and SN-S can be connected to RDS-31 meter directly through binder connector. With SAB-100 probe, RDS-31 displays simultaneously alpha and beta contamination measurements in addition to internal detector dose equivalent rate.

Mirion Pancake Probe GMP-25

The GMP-25 probe is intended for monitoring alpha, beta, gamma and X-ray radiation. The GMP-25 is used as an external detector with the RDS-31/ iTx/iTxSD multi-purpose Radiation Survey Meters especially for surface contamination monitoring and source localization applications. The GMP-25 probe is equipped with a Binder connector and connected to the mating bulk connector interface at the bottom of RDS-31 family survey meters. Like other Mirion external probes, also the GMP- 25 is a ” smart” probe, having an internal high voltage generator and non-volatile memory for calibration coefficients and probe identification data. Thus the probe can be connected “onthe- fly” without the need for switching off the meter, which automatically recognizes the probe type and sets the meter reading to defined measuring unit.


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RDS-31 Features


  • H*(10) ambient dose equivalent dose and dose rate
  • Wide range of external alpha, beta, gamma and neutron
    probes for direct connection with the RDS-31 meter
  • New ergonomic design
  • Large graphic screen, configurable backlight with
    automatic illumination control
  • High impact durable case construction, IP-67 immersion
  • Internal memory to store measurements
  • Flexible histogram functions
  • Firmware of instrument upgradable through cable link
  • Configurable shortcut functions
  • Complies with ANSI N42.33 and IEC 60846 standards

Pancake Probe Features


  • Remote pulse rate measurements
  • For alpha/beta/gamma surface contamination measurements
  • Converts the meter into contamination monitor
  • Sensitive for low levels of alpha, beta and gamma radiation
  • For general contamination and frisking applications
  • Cord lengths up to 15 meters upon request