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Leg Wedges

Helps with comfort and support while minimizing body motion


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Choose from different styles of Leg rests.Contoured Leg Rests come in 3 sizes.
These unique leg rests help with comfort and support which minimizing body motion.
Small 5″H x 14″D x 18″W
Medium 7″H x 17″D x 18″W
Large 10″H x 24″D x 18″W

Traditional Leg Wedges also come in all size to accommodate patients of any size and height.

Knee Arthography Block

  • 8″ H x 12″ W x 10″ L
  • Facilitates immobilization and comfort during imaging procedures.

Leg Immobilizer

  • 6″ H x 14″ W x 16″ L
  • Positions and immobilizes lower extremities during diagnostic procedures.


0652-0037 Leg Wedge- Small
0652-0040 Leg Wedge- Medium
0652-0041 Leg Wedge- Large

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