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Laminar Flow Hoods

Optional Lead Glass Mobile Body Shield

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Capintec™ products offer a complete line of CLASS II type total exhaust safety cabinets for the most exacting requirements. These cabinets provide the highest level of worker protection when using toxic chemicals and radionuclides. The interior of the cabinet is 304 stainless steel and includes a removable leak tight, 18 gauge stainless steel work surface.

Available in widths up to six feet, laminar flow hoods can be outfitted with standard or custom base units as well as optional service fixture kits and canopies. The hoods feature both supply and exhaust HEPA filtering, secured by a spring-loaded clamping system. Because of the variety of installation options available, please contact a Capintec representative for assistance with your specific application needs.

Item Numbers


5730-0038 Shielded Laminar Flow Hood 4 ft
5730-0025 Radiation Fume Hood 4 ft

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  • Purifier CLASS II type total exhaust cabinets for laminar flow applications
  • Easy access filter replacement for minimal down time
  • 3/8 in. clear safety glass sash (three positions)
  • Variable speed blower to optimize power consumption
  • NSF listed. Meets NSF Standard Number 49
  • Face velocity alarm to protect operator from contamination
  • Dedicated remote blower for superior exhaust characteristics
  • Optional 1 in. and 2 in. lead shielding
  • Optional U.V. lighting and service fixtures

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