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Free-Breathing Pulmonex® Hose Kit

The Pulmonex® II Xenon System is the best choice for the performance of all regional lung ventilation studies. Safe, simple to operate and affordable.

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When Unrestricted Breathing is Critical

The Free-Breathing Pulmonex Hose Kit features large bore tubing, which allows for minimal breathing resistance. This inexpensive, high quality, “free breathing” hose kit includes all required components and adapters.

The kit contains two 130-901 “Clean-Bore” hoses (36″ l x 1 1/8″ dia), two 130-904 hose clamps, and a 130-902 non-rebreathing anesthesia valve (inlet and outlet 7/8″ O.D.), which permits the use of standard disposable bacteria filters and masks while providing unrestricted airway.

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Models and Ordering

130-900 Pulmonex Kit, Free-Breathing Hose


130-901 Hose, “Clean-Bore”, 36″ l x 1.125″ dia (91.4 x 2.9 cm)
130-902 Valve, Anesthesia
Hans Rudolph, non-rebreathing
130-903 Adapter, Hose
130-904 Clamp, Hose

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