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Elution Dispensing Safety Cabinet

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This is an ideal solution for elution, compounding and dispensing the SPECT or low activity PET drugs in a Class 100 air environment to comply with USP 797 regulations in an imaging center, or unit dose distribution pharmacy.

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2500-6405 Elution Dispensing Safety Cabinet

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  • The internal chamber is SUS 316 stainless steel with round concerns to prevent dust accumulation and chemical erosion. The external body is carbon steel with epoxy painting.
  • The working chamber is shielded by 5 mm thickness of lead, the front top is shielded by lead glass.
  • Two sliding lead glasses and two side foldable lead glasses are equipped on the front of working area to prevent radiation exposure to worker.
  • A moveable generator cart with 50 mm lead shielded is equipped on front. It may accommodate two generators.
  • A dose calibrator housing with 30 mm lead shielding is built beneath the working level.
  • The laminar flow with HEPA filter is equipped to meet the IOS 5 air cleanliness (or Federal Standard 209E Class 100).
  • The exhausted air passes through a charcoal filter with 70% recycled and 30% exchanged air.
  • A touch control panel integrated all the functions is equipped on front top.
  • It accommodates dispenser MADD-3, ADS-100, 02-A201

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  • External Size: 225 x 150 x 90 cm (H x W x D)
  • Internal Size: 70 x 120 x 70 cm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 750 kg

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