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Dose Drawing Robot

The Total Solution of Radiation Protection

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An ideal design to minimize the radiation exposure to workers in PET centers during dose dispensing, loading, to delivery and patient injection.

The Dose Drawing Robot is designed for radiopharmaceutical dispensing and compounding of PET or nuclear medicine isotopes. The adjustable jaw allows holding of various sizes of shielded containers and also allows for the shaking function to hemolysis of the solution. The robot arm may also be locked in different angles and positions, and rotated 360 degrees to provide a convenient, efficient, and ergonomic platform for the worker.

Item Numbers


0670-2000 Dose Drawing Robot

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  • Jaw gripping range: Diameter 2.3 cm to 7.9 cm
  • Loading weight: up to 15 kg
  • Operating height: From 20 to 28 cm
  • Foundation diameter: 18 cm (360 degree rotation)

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