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Disc Source

For checking performance of GM tubes and NaI detectors

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Disk Sources are mainly used for checking the performance of GM tubes and NaI detectors. The disks measure 1″ (25.4 mm) by 0.25″ (6.35 mm) and are manufactured of high-strength plastic. The active diameter of the disk is 0.197″ (5.0 mm) with the active area centered in the disk.

Capintec offers the highest quality disk source at the lowest cost (to you.) There are many more nuclide disk sources available than are shown. If you do not find the source you need, call Capintec; we will let you know what is available.

Item Numbers


0975-128S Am-241 0.370 MBq- (10 µCi) Disk
0975-130S Ba-133 0.037 MBq- (1 µCi) Disk
0975-105S Cd-109 0.370 MBq- (7-10 µCi) Disk
0975-131S Cs-137 0.037 MBq- (1 µCi) Disk
0975-139X Cs-137 0.37 MBq- (10 µCi) Disk
0975-129S Co-57 0.037 GBq- (1 mCi) Disk
0975-134S Co-60 0.037 MBq- (.7-1 µCi) Disk
0975-186S I-129 3700 Bq- (0.1 µCi) Disk
0975-132S Mn-54 0.037 MBq- (1 µCi) Disk
0975-133S Na-22 0.037 MBq- (1 µCi) Disk
0975-101S Co-57, Na-22, Cs-137, Mn-54, Co-60, Ba-133(1 µCi), Cd-109 (7-10 µCi) Disk ALPHA
0975-0241 Am-2410.1 µCi NIST Traceable +/- 5% in A-2 Disk, 0.5mm dia. ALPHA
0975-0090 Sr-90/Y-90 0.1 µCi NIST Traceable +/- 5% in A Disk, 25.4mm dia. BETA
0975-0099 Tc-99 0.1 µCi NIST Traceable +/- 5% in A Disk, 25.4mm dia. BETA

* Shorter 3″ size must be custom ordered. When ordering, please specify rod size.

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