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Digital Frisker

Small size, light weight, separable probe and large detector

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Small Digital Ratemeter with separable 2″ diameter pancake probe. Reads out in mR/hr (Optional mSv/h or cpm/cps. Thin probe window is recessed and protected by sturdy stainless steel grill. Instrument will see alpha, beta and gamma radiation. Anti-saturation circuit will not fall below full scale in high fields. Tested to 100 R/hr. Sonalert gives audible rate indication.

APPLICATION: Its small size, light weight, separable probe and large detector area make this a very useful monitor for surveying bench tops or checking hands, clothes and fingertips for almost any radioactive contamination.

Item Numbers
5250-0140 Digital Frisker- only includes Digital Frisker Meter
5250-0130 Detachable Pancake Probe

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  • Light Weight
  • One Hand Operation
  • No Range Switching
  • Detachable Pancake Probe- sold separately under item 5250-0130
  • Built-In Sonalert
  • Anti-Saturation Circuit

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  • Read-out: Rugged 6 digit display.
  • Ranges: 0.01 to 100 mR/hr, no range switching.
  • Battery Test: Push button.
  • Audio: Sonalert.
  • Detector: T-1190 2” diameter (5cm) “pancake GM” tube.
  • Window Diameter: 1 3/4” (4.5 cm)
  • Window Thickness: 1.5 mg/cm
  • Quench Gas: Halogen for long life.
  • Background: Typical 50 cpm. Thin profile of tube (13mm) gives low background.
  • Efficiency: 100% for all betas and alphas that have sufficient energy to penetrate the thin window.
  • Calibration: Single master calibration pot as well as programable calibration factor.
  • Power: 6 “AA” cells.
  • Battery Life: 100 hours in normal operation (Longer with Li or NiMH Battery).

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  • Dimensions: 3” w x 5.25” l x 2.25” d (7.6 x 13.3 x 6 cm) (excluding probe, meter, and handle).
  • Weight: Electronics only: 22 oz. (625 g); Total weight including separable pancake probe (sold separately) 34oz. (0.97 kg)

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