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CRC-55t (R, W & PET) PC Series Communications Software

Fast and Easy Data Acquisition- Track, Record and Store Dose Calibrator Measurements on Your PC

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CRC® PC Communications software will allow for faster and easier data acquisition and storage to your computer.  Measurement data, including isotope name and activity, will be transmitted and stored on your PC via an RS232 interface port and the Dose-Link Software package. Ideal for maintaining regulatory compliance, research studies or use in production facilities.

The PC Communications software will create an interface between your CRC-55t (R, W & PET) dose calibrator and your PC. The Dose Link program has four modes of operation:

  • Acquire and Store Data – Each second the name and activity of the isotope selected on the dose calibrator console will be updated by the program.  This data can be saved and exported to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Repetitive Acquisitions – Following user defined parameters of time intervals and number of measurements, activity and isotope data are acquired and saved.  The data can then be printed or exported. Great for performing quarterly linearity tests (you don’t even have to be there).
  • Maximum Activity Acquisition – The activity and isotope are updated and displayed at time intervals defined by the user, when data acquisition is stopped, the maximum activity and time will be saved and can be printed or exported.

The CRC® PC Communications software is easy to install, easy to use and almost as cost conscious as you are.  Help your department maintain accurate record keeping without breaking the department budget.

Item Numbers


0960-0183 PC Communication Software Disc; CRC-55t (R, W & PET)

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