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Cobalt-57 Flood Phantom

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In today’s market we must look for the best value. That does not necessarily mean the lowest price, but it does mean that the product you buy must meet its expected performance standards while providing a sufficient margin of safety and reliability. Most of the present Flood Source manufacturers understand this and have strived to meet this criteria.

Give Capintec an Opportunity to Provide Your Flood Phantom

Capintec’s interest in the Flood Source business is to provide you, the customer, with the BEST POSSIBLE VALUE to meet the quality control you must have. Therefore, Capintec pledges to offer you the best service for your Flood Source needs regardless of phantom size, activity, manufacturer or time of need. We also provide sources for special requirements with transmission sources and as needed special activity amounts for floods.

Full Line of Flood Sources

We have available, circular and rectangular flood phantoms for standard, LFOV, Dual and Triple Head Cameras. Capintec offers FREE disposal of your old floods when you place an order for a new one, relieving you of that concern.

Item Numbers
0975-8400 Co-57 Flood- 23.9″ x 16.4,” 370 MBq (10 mCi)
0975-8450 Co-57 Flood – 23.9″ x 16.4,” 740 MBq (20 mCi)

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