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Absorbed Dose ALERT Software Upgrade for Captus ® 3000 and 4000e Thyroid Uptake System

Population Screening Software

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After a large scale release of radioactive material, internal contamination due to inhalation is a potential health concern.  A critical public health challenge is to provide an initial field screening to rapidly triage and identify individuals with significant amounts of internal contamination.  Capintec is proud to announce a measurement solution to this challenge.*

Captus® 4000e Alert Software adds this valuable function to your Captus® 4000e system, providing dual functionality for both routine Thyroid Uptakes and emergency screening requirements. The Alert Program records patient demographic data, selects appropriate body type, measures and quantifies internal organ burden and and generates results in µCi-intake.  Program includes intake data for both inhalation and ingestion. Results will be flagged when user defined trigger levels are exceeded.

Collimated and shielded detector provides enhanced sensitivity. Can detect 1 ALI (Annual Limit of Intake) up to 30 days after intake within sixty seconds.

The Custom Protocol program, included with the Captus 4000e, supports customized measurements and calculations by integrating predefined measurement screens with Microsoft Excel® for analysis and report generation. This feature is ideal for post event data analysis.

* This product was developed using physical measurements on Capintec’s Captus® 4000e and computer modeling data developed at Georgia Institute of Technology with support and research funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Item Numbers


0960-00193 Absorbed Dose ALERT Software Upgrade License for Captus® 4000e
0960-0177 Absorbed Dose ALERT Software Upgrade License for Captus® 3000

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Software Features

  • Stores patient demographic data, measurements and calculated results
  • Detects one ALI in 60 sec. up to 30 days post intake
  • Multiple prompts assure user friendly format
  • Data for multiple body types
  • Calculates µCi-intake at elapsed time after event
  • Isotopes: Co60, Ir192, Cs137, and I131
  • Organ sites: (inhalation) thyroid, lung
  • Organ sites: (ingestion) thyroid, stomach
  • Results flagged in RED if values exceed trigger levels
  • Data can be directly exported to Excel®
  • Flexible report formats, detailed and summary
  • Interfaces with Custom Protocol module
  • Optional program license for Captus 4000e
  • Optional program license for Captus 3000
  • Password protected

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