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AeroTech™ I Radioaerosol Administration System

The original Cadema Radioaerosol System.

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The Original Cadema Radioaerosol System

Aerosol inhalation for radioimaging studies is an important tool for use in the localization and diagnosis of lung disease. AeroTech I puts information in the hands of the user to assist in diagnosis of a variety of lung diseases.

Enhanced Imaging

The AeroTech I delivers an even distribution of radioaerosol throughout the lungs, reaching the respiratory bronchioles and alveolar ducts and sacs. Excellent aerosol deposition allows the acquisition of multiple views from each diagnostic study. The end result in high quality imaging for confidence in patient diagnosis.

Respirator Compatible

For patients on a respirator, AeroTech I is easily adapted to fit on line using a single accessory tube.

Designed for Patient Comfort

Aerosol inhalation studies allow the patient to breathe normally throughout the procedure, minimizing the likelihood of patient non-compliance.

Superior Safety

Shield construction, disposable components and rapid aerosol delivery time combine to minimize radiation exposure to the patient and technologist. AeroTech I helps meet ALARA radiation protection objectives.


AeroTech I is available with a choice of designs. The 177-324 Delivery System generates a smaller MMAD particle than the standard 177-124 Delivery System. Use the 177-324 model for procedures where delivery time is not significantly restricted.


  • Enhanced Imaging
  • Multiple views from one diagnostic study
  • Completely portable and respirator compatible
  • Completely Shielded

Models and Ordering

177-095 AeroTech™ I Shield

Radioaerosol Convenience Kits:

177-124 Convenience Kit, Radioaerosol,
AeroTech™ IDenotes Single Use Only* Latex free
Includes 24″ (61cm) Tubing, Standard Nebulizer Delivery System with Mouthpiece, Bacteria Filter, Nose Clip and Disposal Bag
177-324 Convenience Kit, Radioaerosol,
AeroTech™ I with small particle delivery systemDenotes Single Use Only* Latex free
Includes 24″ (61 cm) Tubing, Small Particle Nebulizer Delivery System with Mouthpiece, Bacteria Filter, Nose Clip and Disposal Bag


177-325 Convenience Kits, Venti-Pak for AeroTech™ I, 5/pkg Denotes Single Use Only
(adapter kit for ventilator assisted patents)

Denotes Single Use Only Denotes Single Use Only
Latex free Latex Free
*NOTE: Each kit is sold in multiples of 5.

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