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Ramsey, NJ – February 1, 2015- Capintec is pleased to announce the acquisition of Optility™ software, a state of the art nuclear medicine management program package from Synergic Solutions. This software efficiently captures and retrieves all regulatory and administrative data. It keeps track of all patients, procedures, drugs and health physics functions with the touch of a few keys and interfaces with Hospital Information Systems for seamless dataflow between systems.

With the acquisition of Optility™, Capintec aims to offer its customers a unique program that will make dose and procedure management simple and easy. This highly adjustable and customizable software will improve your nuclear medicine department’s management from top to bottom. Quicker data entry techniques save time and money for your business. Put together with outstanding support from an experienced help desk, Optility™ is a must have for any Nuclear Medicine Department.

Capintec CEO, John Viscovic says that he believes that with this acquisition he will be able to bring in unique interfaces with lab equipment and software to comply with systems and regulatory procedures. Synergic CEO, Vid Mitta says that Capintec is more aligned with the Nuclear Medicine Industry due to their legacy and current product offerings. Customers could potentially take advantage of innovative and robust interfaces between Departmental Hardware and Software products that are in the pipeline.

About Capintec

Capintec is one of the world’s leading suppliers of radiation measurement, detection and protection products and services. Capintec is dedicated to providing high quality radiation measurement, detection and protection products and services to Nuclear Medicine Departments, Nuclear Pharmacies and Big Pharma. As the world’s best-known brand in the development, manufacturing and marketing of The CRC®- line of Dose Measuring Devices for more than 45 years, Capintec supplies thousands of products as well as new and innovative solutions for radiation measurement applications to customers around the world. To learn more about Capintec’s full line of products, visit Capintec’s website Capintec.com. Capintec is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eczacıbaşı-Monrol which has Nuclear Medicine presence in more than 30 countries around the world.

About Synergic Solutions

Synergic Solutions is an organization committed to offering various services in the information technology industry, including the highest quality software products. Since inception, we have catered to a growing list of clientele in diverse technology areas. Our core focus on the latest trends and developments in the IT industry along with Superior quality consulting services and innovative product solutions has helped us to not only survive, but thrive in today’s fast growing technology world. For more information visit Synergic Solutions’ website at Synergic Solutions.